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RZA Lost 300 Beats in a Flood

Chapter 01: Wu Start

June, 1996

Hello everyone! It is time for another update. During the past year or so I've decided what to do with the website - I'll turn into a yearly diary of sorts, where each new update will be a new Layer. A wise man once told me that we make such websites as a desperate attempt to make something last longer than ourselves, and I think I agree with that. Maybe some random person in the future will enjoy reading through this. Maybe it'll be my children (which I don't plan on having (very awkward if you're my future kid reading this)), or my friends children. Fuck knows - either way, this should be fun.

Before we dive into what happened recently let's quickly skim over minor technical details. I have developed a deep hatred towards writing HTML/CSS, there's a good chance the codebase for this website will turn back into being a horrible mess, I'll likely inline every stylesheet and do just enough so that it works on a basic level. I'll also change the font to be a bit more readable.

With that out of the way, here it goes:
2020-2021 have been fun. Loads of fun. I got to work on the PSX SEL game port, which'll definitely be one of the most satisfying projects I'll develop during my lifetime. While this website started out as just simply a huge shitpost meme thing on SS, the paragraph "Lain community related thoughts and shit" were my genuine feelings, although a bit exaggerated. Because of this, during the initial development of the game port, I had very little expectations as to how much help I would receive, only expecting a couple people, if any, to be interested. The initial tweet blew up, the discord server got hundreds of members (1k+ as of writing this) and I found tons of talented people willing to help with the development of the game. It far exceeded my expectations, and I couldn't be more grateful to all the people who contributed. I doubt I would have been able to fully go through with the project without you guys.

Despite the PSX port being mostly done, I still have more SEL-related projects I'd like to work on, ranging from requests from friends to stuff I'd like to create/revive.

I'll also soon be turning 20, which feels weird to think about. As a kid I always used to think that people at that age were already on the verge of dying, having experienced most of what life had to offer. But here I am, not noticing much of a difference from those times to the present, excluding changes to my interests.

Other than that the past year or so has been rather uneventful - university, programming and overall studying related stuff, occassionally hanging out and also the pandemic, from which the part that annoyed me the most by far were the masks - not being able to smoke freely while outside was very stressful.

A small note:
While I wanted to apply as little changes to old parts of the website as possible, I've decided to get rid of INI/SS related stuff from it. It's been a decent while, almost a year, since I've been a part of it. It was not anything major, just an overall disagreement as to where the community was heading. Despite all of that, I'll always look back fondly on the memories I've made there, it really was fun while it lasted. Thanks for everything brothers!1

I think that's all I wanted to say for now. Editing this document now, I've noticed that just this Layer entry seems to have taken up a lot of screen space, I can't imagine what having over 40 of them or something would look like, I might have to come up with an alternative. Though having a single very long page sounds appealing in it's own way aswell... we'll see.

Update 22 July, 2020.

Hello everyone! Long time no see. It's been a while since I've made this site, close to 2 years. I was planning to just leave the site be the way it was, but considering the amount of attention it got after fauux and Blackwings followed me, I thought I should make an update. Also, today's my birthday, I've turned 19, so I thought it'd fit well to post something now.

>Why no updates?
First of all let's get this out of the way.

My interests have changed. I just didn't enjoy writing static webpages anymore. I still program, arguably more than ever, but writing pure HTML/CSS/JS burned me out.

I still do front-end webdev, but mostly using React.

>What's changed?
Well, considering I somehow gathered up the motivation to update the site, just writing a 100 line long paragraph wouldn't have been enough. I updated the code for all of the site, because it was atrociously bad. I've seen lots of people use my site as a template for their personal own, and I just felt bad having people use the abomination that the code my 17 year old self cobbled together was.

>What do you do now?
Nowadays I mostly work on dumb personal side-projects some of which you can check out on my GitHub.

Programming language-wise, I mostly interest myself in the Lisp family (primarily Scheme and Racket), TypeScript, Python for Machine Learning, Data gathering/analysis, etc. and currently have a growing interest in functional programming. Basically, any language that isn't strictly Object-Oriented like C# or Java I usually find awesome.

Other than that, I'm also "passionate" about ganoo linucs.
For anyone curious - my setup:
Distro: Arch
WM: Xmonad/i3
Terminal Emu: urxvt
Shell: zsh

>Where may I find you?
Considering some people have had trouble contacting me in the past due to my past Discord tag being outdated, I thought I might aswell put some contact info here aswell.

My social accounts:
Discord @ λd 0h f0r f0r#0191

If you want to talk to me about anything, by all means feel free to dm me right away. im lonly.

>The future of this webpage?
I plan to just leave it be. I'll for sure post more updates in the upcoming years, but nothing too major will change.

And no, I'm not going to update the title each year from "the ramblings of a 17 year old fanatic" to "the ramblings of a ${my current age} fanatic." Not going to happen. I was 17 when I designed this page, so it'll stay that way :^)


Serial Experiments Lain

Watch SEL

Some questions you may have I guess

Who the fuck are you?

I go by the nickname "ad044", "antidepressant044" or simply "ad". Most active over at Apollo but I do visit every Lain-themed site/imageboard/whatever regularly.

How old are you?

I am 17 years of age.

Where are you from?

I originally come from a different depressant which is not "Life". I'm on a mission to warn you b0is about the dangers of Adspace.

What purpose does this site have?


Lain community related thoughts and shit

I've had an interest toward Lain and the fanbase around her for a while now. For the past couple months it's developed into more of an obsession.

This obsession comes with the urge to create something so fucking good that it would unite every separated Lain fandom into one big community where people could collaborate and create Lain-related stuff. Currently the situation is quite shit. You want to be a part of re:wire? Join their telegram, discord server, whatever. You want to be on Arisuchan/Lainchan, etc? Go post there. You want to worship some 17 year old schizophrenics fantasy that uses Lain as a mascot? Go to SS. You want to go against that 17 year old schizo? Go to Apollo. Most of these communities have personal relationships with each other, drama, friendship, you name it. It's difficult to acquire/give/manipulate information and ideas between some of these communities since they're so separated. Therefore collaborating for potentially good Lain projects becomes tougher than it should. I want to create a service that unites every Lain fan into one.

I look at Lain religiously. She gives me motivation to do anything, be it study, code, breathe, what the fuck ever. I want to do her justice.